Building Biomass Energy Facilities

Gestamp Biomass offers renewable and sustainable wood-fueled biomass-energy facilities.

Assessing the current energy situation

Three key issues respond to the need of assessing the current energy situation:

  1. The need to produce environmentally and socially responsible energy.
  2. The need to lift ourselves from dependence on foreign fuels.
  3. The desire to make local energy production enhance communities both socially and economically.

Adding value to biomass to create sustainable energy

Gestamp Biomass facilities operation and maintenance, combined with responsible forest harvesting operations, will create revenue that returns quickly to the local community.

To further enhance the efficiency and functionality of our facilities, we are investigating wood-pellet production alongside energy generation. This would give our facilities the ability to profitably use slightly higher-grade biomass to make wood pellets in conjunction with lower-grade biomass for electricity. The combined operation could productively use a higher portion of lower-grade material, enhancing overall harvest value while simplifying demand and logistical concerns for loggers and forest owners.