Biomass Solutions

We have a vast experience in the biomass energy field which allows us to take advantage and use the agricultural, forest, cattle and industrial wastes and turned them into energy. Throughout our know-how we are able to provide technical assistance in the design as well as in the economic viability of any installation.

Our services include besides the design and turn-key basis projects, the operation of plants and their integral maintenance.

Our Services

  • Design, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and alteration of biomass boilers and waste material, with any technology that generates an added value for the client and improves the plant availability and efficiency.
  • Design, assembly and commissioning of combustion islands, with supply limits from daily silos fuel supply to the chimney and from the deaerator to the main stream pipe connection.

Development of the basic and detailed engineering for biomass plants.

We provide the execution of projects from the viability study to the commercial operation.


Projects of electrical power plants with biomass, preparation and dry-up of the fuel, use of the exceeded thermal energy from the processes, etc.


Selection and training of the qualified personnel for the operation of biomass power plants.


Operating and maintenance of biomass power stations.


Revamping, profitability reports and reliability of biomass power plants, including main periodic revisions.

Our Custome made Solution:

After years of experience in the biomass thermoelectric generation, we have developed thermal plants of medium and small size denominated Bioblock® whose main advantages are:

  1. The approach of the plants to the point of fuel production. This makes the transport costs decrease or disappear. The size of Bioblock plants makes them suitable for the small and medium biomass producers.
  2. Low specific cost of kw installed that guarantees an attractive Pay-Back.
  3. A compact and contained design with a total distributed control system (DCS), reduces staff for operation and maintenance. The power plant is designed geometrically like a process unit.
  4. Standard Design, so the plant is practically manufactured in workshop in transportable modules, decreasing not only the time and cost of the assembly but also the total supply period.
  5. The power plant is conceived for an easy supervision of all its components by the operation staff, not only through the DCS but also visually, requiring little surface for the installation.

Products and Services

Gestamp Biomass Solutions is able to undertake a wide variety of energy projects, being responsible for the design, development, construction and commissioning.

In particular, the GBS main activities are:

A) Design, development, construction and commissioning of thermoelectric plants with biomass between 1 MWe and 25 MWe.
Within this range of powers, GBS has developed and registered a modular model called Bioblock ®, with powers between 1 and 6 MWe.

B) Thermal design and sizing of:

  • Biomass steam boilers and conventional fuels.
  • Gas recovery boiler (engines and turbines).
  • Other heat exchangers.
  • Mechanical design of pressure devices according to ASME, TRD, EN, AD 2000 codes, and so on, for chemical and petrochemical industry. Within this sector the following products are included: combustion boilers, recovery boiler, shell and tube exchangers, towers and distillation columns, reactors, accumulators, spheres, tanks, etc.


C) Combustion and auxiliary for biomass systems design and conventional fuels.

D) Process complete systems definition, including equipment, instrumentation and process control.

E) Lines design and stress calculation of them.

F) Preparation of basic projects and legalization.

G) Design and calculation for metal structures.

H) Development plans technical office.

I) 3D design production.

J) Finite elements calculation.

K) Energy processes study and evaluation in general.