Value Chain

Our strategy at ENSO fosuses on providing vertically integrated and tailor made solutions for energy generation in the international market, with a wide variety of biomass. Innovation, energy efficiency and flexibility in the use of different biomass sources are key in this strategy.


The value chain of biomass as an energy vector can be summarized as follows:

  • Production -> main tasks related to the cultivation and collection.
  • Logistics -> storage and transport between different locations.
  • Packaging -> treatment of raw biomass to meet the technical specifications of the purchase and sale for the marketing of the biomass.
  • Generation -> conversion of biomass into a usable energy end, either thermal or electrical energy.
  • Design -> engineering design of power generation projects.
  • Construction -> design, construction and installation of biomass boilers and power plant construction through contracts of EPCs.
  • Operations and maintenance -> corrective operation, predictive and preventive and maintenance of generation assets.
  • Management -> Asset management at the technical level, financial, administrative and business.

ENSO is developing its strategy of vertical integration in the market for electricity generation from biomass on the basis of innovation, oriented to energy efficiency, flexibility in the use of fuels and maximizing availability.

Gestión de Biomasas undertakes the management of mountains, the management of forest systems, logistics and production of biomass

ENSO is “thermal engineering”, a company headquartered in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cádiz, Spain), with a marked industrial profile and two main business lines:

- Design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and remodeling of biomass boilers, waste, pulverized coal.

- Design, erection and commissioning of islands of combustion, with limits of supply from the daily food silos of fuel up to the fireplace and from the deaerator until the connection of the main steam line.

In an industry that historically the conductor element in the definition of projects has been the reduction of costs of investment, ENSO prioritizes the parameters of efficiency, availability, and flexibility as elements of economic optimization of the final investment.

The Strategy of ENSO pivots on the technological development continued and the maximum efficiency and reliability of their products; these are the bases of their competitiveness and capacity of internationalization.

The main elements of innovation are:

- Tools for design and development: allow it to evolve from a philosophy of work traditionally corrective toward a culture based on the development and design preventive. This cultural change prevents the emergence of problems in operation of the plants, increasing the performance, availability and life, at the same time enabling you to minimize the time required for installation.

- Thermodynamic: include extractions for heaters of low and high pressure and introduces the system of overheated for the optimization of the overall performance of plant.

- Geometry of boiler: always-based fuels in the main strategic as defined for each plant, so that new variants of biomass should be studied in advance to determine the appropriateness of their use. In this way, the entire geometry of boiler behaves in a suitable way by increasing performance and reducing interventions for maintenance.

- Combustion System: optimized to reduce the maintenance, with the least amount of moving parts and incorporating vibration systems that allow a minimal power. Additionally, the reduction of combustion air allows a further reduction of electricity consumption. The un-burnt particles produced fall exponentially due to the integration of the grid in the genesis of the concept of the plant and at the same feeding system by blowing hot air and vibrating grid.

- Cleaning system of ashes: The traditional Systems optimized for blowing off steam and include the latest technological advances in sonic cleaning that will help reduce the consumption of steam and significantly increase the performance of the plant.

The increase in performance of the cycle has a direct impact on the very significant need of biomass, facilitating and reducing the cost of providing long-term sustainable resources necessary for. The actual yields objectives of ENSO are above 30% with system 3 extractions of steam turbine and overheated. This last factor is a real difference with respect to all the plants of electricity generation from biomass installed in Spain and even with the vast majority of European plants.

ENSO develops projects in the USA and manages the control of construction and operation of their assets.

ENSO works in conjunction with their clients both private and public with the goal of optimizing the energy consumption in various sectors: agriculture and food industry, industrial processes, etc.

ENSO O&M is responsible for the operation and maintenance