Berlin, New Hampshire Location: Berlin, New Hampshire - New Hampshire - USA
Garray Location: Garray - Castilla y León - Spain
Status: On operation
ENSO Location: ENSO - - Spain


Enso is dedicated to the development, promotion, construction and operation of Electric Generation Power Plants from Biomass. As part of the vertical integration strategy, Enso is also present in the entire value chain of the biomass through different companies.

Enso is developing its strategy of vertical integration in the market of electricity generation from biomass on the basis of innovation, oriented to energy efficiency, flexibility in the use of fuels and maximizing availability.

As an organization dedicated to fulfilling client goals and expectations, we are always at the forefront with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality standards, whilst staying committed to the environment, society and sustainable growth.



Excellent career opportunities

ENSO team is composed by highly skilled professionals. This enables us to effectively perform our daily duties. Our Human Capital differentiates us from our competitors and provides added value to our processes

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